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A letter of Invitation

Greetings from Finca Fruición,

As time moves forward at its own pace, here on the farm, I wanted to take a few moments to share a snap shot of our lives. Recently, the software for our website (www.fincafruicion.com) has been acting up and we haven’t been able to update our site for the last couple of months.  I hope all is well, and you are feeling fulfilled and happy. Thank you for being such a inspirational person in my life and the lives of my parents.  As you may know, my life’s aims continue to focus on world change and the betterment of our relationship to the environment that we are all part of.  We are living in a time of change, a change of mind and heart.  We have a choice to become that change and inspire a new paradigm of human/earth interactions.  I am writing you because you are already embodying that shift, to some degree, and I want you to know that I appreciate and recognize that about you and your works.  So, thank you.

All that being said, from my heart, I’d love to share some of what’s been happening here at Finca Fruiciόn, in Costa Rica. As you may know we bought a 20-acre mountaintop farm complete with several springs, tons of fruit trees, a talapia pond, a house, and a greenhouse. Since returning from Minnesota, last year, we have been busy setting up the space and getting more plants in the ground, mostly for food. We had our baby, Cedar James Thomas-Bliss, on our brand new (at the time – unfinished) deck in a warm water tub, in the misty light rain of a cloud. The birth was like a dream, so full of intention and grace. Jason held me, anointed Cedar and myself with holy oils, and was so supportive. You may have heard, that Cedar was born with a mild cleft palette, and that has caused him struggle with nursing.  He was loosing allot of weight and we were having to force feed him through squeezing the bottle. Thanks to my dad finding and sending a special bottle to help him along, we are beside ourselves to be able to say that he has since gained weight and is thriving!!

The boys, Janga and Baraka, are also doing very well. They shine here, exploring the earth, helping implement Permaculture designs, planting food, playing, and doing chores. We still watch movies now and again and love the family time of it. Our dog, Kira had her puppies, 7 cute little squeekers, she adopted 2 more putting the puppy population up to 9, however we found good homes for all but 3 little trouble makers. Now we have 4 dogs, Kira, Oso, Arena, and Kita (quite the crew). So we have been training them and have specific jobs set up for them, guarding the tool shed, the house, and the chickens. Do you have any pointers in dog training?

I have been so thrilled to be able to implement the techniques of Permaculture that I learned from my certification classes, internship, and teacher’s class. A woman who has been living here and assisting in setting up the sustainability of the farm, Desiree, has been teaching me so much about the system set up. We have dug swales, which assist in water retention and reduce the need for irrigation, planted the swales with food crops, set up composting toilets, and are designing our long term aquaculture system that consists of several small ponds. A few days ago I found a source for fresh water shrimp!! Our goal is to be as self reliant as possible by 2012.

We have been hosting volunteers here too! So far we have had 13, plus 4 children! Our buses have turned into volunteer housing, and we have been using our palapa-style covered tent space, as well. At the beginning it was a bit awkward trying to organize everyone’s work and meals, but it has become second nature now. Right now, we have a family of 4 (2 kids – one 3 years old and the other newborn), Spencer & Sarah Beth (friends from Minneapolis), Grazyna (a woman from Poland), and Desiree (my Permaculture teacher).   Of course, Jason and I are holding it down with the boys. We have been building a growingly-functional community kitchen and gathering area, however it is pretty ground level right now.  It has a new roof and an old cement floor (it used to be a house), running purified spring water, a big camping stove, and a small fridge. However, most of the volunteers prefer to have their community meals at our house on our stellar deck.  We are envisioning building a education center/bunk house, to be built as an extension off of the existing community kitchen.

Our chicken coop is finished and we have begun filling it with chickens!  We also have a rabbit named Rudy, who is camped just outside our front yard. Yesterday and today, we began clearing space (grass) for the up and coming goat zone and are putting in posts and fencing for them. Oh, and Desiree has a horse who, so far, is the biggest pet I’ve yet met.   Our neighbors who sell the chickens also have a couple of scarlet macaws who fly around and visit us from time to time.

Everything hasn’t been all roses, though, I’m sad to say.  We had a truck of ours ($12,000) stolen and wrecked. Now we have to set up an investigation and possibly prosecute the so-called friend who was responsible for this loss.  In our learning curve, with animal husbandry, we have already lost a few chickens, a rooster, and a couple of bunnies.  We had a break-in, to our tool shed, which cost us a table grinder, and a bag full of Jason’s bus tools.  And the ants keep eating our darn lettuce seeds.  We are fairing most challenges well, but with the pressure of the family and building a significant infrastructure, for hosting others, they have not been easy.  We’ve taken the financial blessings, that have been bestowed upon me by my grandfather, and transformed them, into something that promises true lasting value.   I feel like this is like the moment right before the young bird, who leaps from the nest, opens its wings to fly.  A bit fearful, the bird struggles with it’s balance and may hit a few branches as it ungracefully flaps its wings.  Then as instinct takes over, the bird catches a gust of wind and floats on air, to soar.

So now it’s time to make that investment work for us.  How do we as a family, I as an individual, and us as an intentional community, catch that gust of wind to fly? We have many, many ideas and each one is overflowing with potential. The first, and most simple, is that we have been harvesting fruit, dehydrating it and selling it in town, it is a small token, yet it’s the initiation.   We are planning on using the money from selling my Prius to transform our first veggie oil bus into a kitchen bus and vend food at the market and at events (surf competitions, festivals, farmer’s markets, etc.). We will be selling big salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and other healthy organic goodies. We are also growing food for a local restaurant, and have planted 100’s of bananas to dehydrate and sell. Another element of profit is my fire dancing.  Our friend Sarah Beth has set up many gigs and has a job lined up for us making $100/performer at the end of the month!!  We are also planning workshops here on the farm and mini-festivals that celebrate sustainability and are hands on learning, for the participants.  Another business, that we want to begin, is a bed and breakfast here on the farm. There are many more, though these are the ones we are focusing on now. We are also striving to be as self-sufficient as possible, growing our fruits and veggies, eggs, meat, and dairy.

We are also proactively seeking investors in the farm. Whether that be residential co-creators, non-residential share holders (with specific visiting rights), business investors (ie. Bed and breakfast), or donations to build the education center.  A wise person once told me that, in order to gain support, I needed to know how to ask.  Well, I’ve been doing some soul searching and seeking the answer to that statement. I, fundamentally, don’t want to ask for handouts, rather, I want to offer something in return for donations and support that I receive.   We work hard everyday to create an inspirational and functional space and model of co-habitation with the environment and eachother, that we can offer to share with others.  We are still a ways away from true sustainability. However, what we have right now is a beautiful, integral, and heartfelt farm that resonates these attributes, and the drive and desire to be even better.  So, that being said, I am happy to offer you a piece of our paradise, whether that be shares in the farm itself, investment into one of our cottage industries (such as the bed and breakfast), or a donation toward the education center where you can come and explore the why’s and how’s of our lifestyle here.   If this sounds appealing to you, I formally welcome you to respond so that we can discuss, more specifically, the details of your involvement.

Thanks again for being who you are.  May your life be filled with joy and inspiration.



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  1. July 15, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    So great to hear some news, can’t wait to visit! I’ll be doing much research and solicitations for Magic Mama sponsorships this Fall. If all goes well, I hope to have a bit extra to send you for “membership.” I really want to get out there with the kids within the next year! We’ll probably have to fly, what’s up with vaccination requirements? My kids haven’t had any shots, ever.

    Blessings, kisses to all (2 leggeds, 4 leggeds, wingeds and finned)

  2. Lisa Deemer
    July 20, 2010 at 12:35 am

    Alana Bliss,


    We are … planning a trip to visit you. It will manifest. It may be as early as February, so many details to organize. I feel you. I have so much respect and LOVE for you and your family. YOU are the most inspiring mother and friend I have.


    YOU ARE.

    In gratitude, LISA DEEMER

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