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An initiation of Farm and Family (Cedar’s Birth)

There is a power intrinsic in opening the veil between worlds and bringing new life in.  In Spanish the process of birth is called Dar la Luz, which literally means “to give light.” It was this power that filled the farm the night our little angel was born. It was such a magical, intentional experience. I felt that I was birthing with such awareness that it was healing the trauma of humanity’s birthing. It was this ritual of welcoming, that brought to our farm the next level of our life here and the intention of family and community.

My water broke about 20 minutes before the first bird’s call, while our world was still clothed in darkness. I rose out of bed to find rushes of water and energy, and began beaming with excitement of the knowledge that my baby was coming. Though part of me wanted to jump up and ready every thing, I returned to Jason’s side and slept for another few hours. Two days earlier I had woken up with heavy contractions and thought that it was the day of the birth, however, we had been building a deck and were living in a construction zone and that morning was particularly intense. Our roof got torn off and the noise alone caused my labor to stop. We laughed at the cosmic joke as the rains poured into our house, my water hadn’t broken, but the Earth Mother’s did and our surroundings were soaking.

Now my womb water broke and I knew this was the day I was to meet this new little being, eye to eye. When Jason woke up I shared the news with him. He called our midwife, Katia, and banged the gong for the birth crew to come down and prep the space. Our neighbors, Johnny and Sayra, came down in minutes. We made a beautiful filling breakfast, filled the birth tub, and waited for the rushes to get stronger and closer together. Hours past and we laughed, read, and hung out with the kids. The clouds rolled in and it was clear that rain was coming sooner than the baby was, so Jason and Johnny put up tarps to cover the birth tub on the deck. Soon they set up such a cozy sacred space that I wanted to get into the tub and bask in the warmth of it. I had been sitting on the yoga ball spiraling my hips and putting my intentions into some crystals for the tub, Astarius’s “Reiki Chants” album was playing and I felt like an embodiment of the goddess. After putting all the crystals into the water, I took a shower and headed for the tub.

As I stepped into the tub, the sweet sent of the holy anointing oils filled my being and I relaxed deeply into rose, frankincense and a plethora of other aromas. The birthing tub soon became a family experience when Janga and Baraka jumped in. They took to playing and soon my rushes got lighter, so we had them sit in their own tubs next to the big birth tub. Jason got in and the boys rushed in again. He welcomed them, we all cuddled and had a sweet family moment before asking them to go back to their personal tubs. They became bored with the pace of the birth and journeyed inside where they ended up watching a movie while I labored in the water. Janga ran back and forth to check in on the progress and see his new baby brother.  Jason held me, anointed, massaged me, and witnessed my opening. Soon, nightfall was upon us and the rushes were strong. I was getting more and more primal as I released into the sensations and fell into Jason. Opening deeper and wider, I became watery and could feel myself moaning to the sound of the crystal bowls. Hot water came pouring into the tub from the birth crew and Katia checked in on me and the coming baby regularly.

The rain poured down, yet we were protected in our little sanctuary. Soon the sensations turned from intense opening to pushing and I felt an overwhelming urge to push. He was almost out and I could feel him coming down the birth canal. I relaxed deeply into the spaces between the pushes and then with all my strength I pushed in intervals until the little head popped out into Jason’s hands. One more push and he was fully out of my body and in the water. Katia handed him to me and I kissed his sweet head. I sucked a bit on his nose and mouth to clear his airways and was present with him until he was breathing smoothly. Jason and I sang a welcome song to the baby and embraced his life. After I was sure he was safe, I handed him to back to Jason and turned my attention inward to release the placenta. I grabbed a piece of hematite that was in the tub and rubbed it on my womb as I visualized my placenta coming lose and being pushed out with grace. I made a few conscious pushes and then the urge overtook me and the placenta came out with ease. We watched for bleeding, it all looked good. Janga came running out to see his new baby brother and smiled so brightly when he saw him. Jason, the baby, and I hung out in the tub for a while before retiring to the bedroom for the night.

Johnny and Sayra relayed that they had experienced surges of energy as he emerged for his first moments of life. All the farm resonated with the power of this incredible event. Now we are fully here. Now we are linked in an indescribable way to this land and her mystery. We lay witness to the magic of birth, blossom, and fruition throughout the cycles here, and rest in the awe of our interconnectedness with all life on this farm. I give thanks for the safe passage of our birth, the majestic beauty of our farm, and the community that will walk this earth with us as time unfolds. Thank you, Great Spirit for this gift. Axe!!

In service, awe, and gratitude,

Alana Bliss

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  1. Ashlee
    July 15, 2010 at 5:09 am

    wow. Alana. this is the most magical experience I’ve ever read. thank you for all those wonderful visuals. We are so blessed.

    there will be a package waiting for you at The Faria this week, 7/15, with Alanea. It may not arrive until the late morning, I hope it finds you on this magical day.

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