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Interested people, spiritual perspectives, and the way of the farm.

Peace and blessings Z,

Thank you for recognizing the journey that I’ve had in regard to death and rebirth.  Don’t worry, I didn’t think that you sounded cold at all, I believe the same thing, that no one ever really dies.  I have a really healthy relationship with death.  I am at peace with it.

We have definitely connected with the community here.  Although, we are not in the Diamonte Valley, we have made many friends there.  We are in a rain shadow and, luckily, haven’t been overwhelmed by the rains quite yet.  Our farm has been such a sanctuary, we often joke that San Isidro is kriptonite, we are drawn to it, yet it can be so draining.  In reality, however, I am thankful for the convenience and benefits the city.  La Feria is such an amazing resource and has the cheapest most diverse organic food I’ve ever seen in Costa Rica.  We are truly blessed to have it here.

Moving on to your questions, I am happy to answer them and grateful you are asking.  I feel clarity is crucial.  Your first question is the financial obligation we have for the farm.  I’m not sure if you are talking about a mortgage or the buy in costs, so I’ll answer both.  As of now, I, Alana, have paid most of the costs for the land and am paying a monthly mortgage on the land.  We are currently paid up until January 2011.  On to the 2nd element of this question, we are asking people to buy shares to build house sites and be voting members in the community.  Let me know if you think this sounds reasonable.  There are 3 different ways we have divided up the shares; casa, casita, and no-residential visitors.  Casa shares are $35,000, the casita shares are $25,000, and th e non-residential shares are $200 each with a minimum of 5 shares purchased.  We have laid it out that the money we receive be broken up into 2 payments, one is for infrastructure and the other for land payments.  If you have any other questions in this regard feel free to ask.

On to your next question, you asked me to describe my spirituality.  I am a very spiritual person. I believe it is the essence of life and that the physical world is just one of the many manifestations of spirit matter that we get to experience as sentient beings.  I have a grounded faith in a being that embodies oneness and is in itself a conscious unification of all that exists.  This being can be called many names and I honor them all.  I feel that humanity has many perceptions of the divine and that each one in its integrity is true.  My favorite metaphor is that human spirituality is like a mountain and each cultural view is a village somewhere on the mountain.  Some are closer to the top, others nearer to the base.  The draw it to journey to the top and overlook the earth all around, gaining a holistic perspective of awareness and the interconnectedness to all life.  Some cultures on this mountain have well maintained trails leading to the top, others have escalators and signs that this is the only way to reach the top, although the escalators only lead to a balcony near the top.  It wouldn’t be appropriate for all the people of the villages to walk all the way around the mountain to reach the escalator just to go up to the top easily, each village can walk up from their starting point and each individual can make their own way, follow trails at times, walking through the forest others, and even going from village to village to learn the perspectives of each.  Some people never reach the top, but travel down the mountain and settle in the valley.  Some people in the valley look at pictures from the view of the top, and others take guided tours.  There is no wrong way, only experience, diversity, and the journey of each being.  When one village tries to force another villages to follow their path, then discord occurs and alters the delicate balance of the whole.  It is, in my opinion, the highest, most important attribute of humanity to cultivate compassion for all others and acceptance for each perspective in life.  I feel that each perception has its own, unique way of experiencing the divine, and therefore each one has something to offer the others.  We are all teachers and we are all students in the great lesson of life.

I have called my view, ecclectitheism, and dove into many different religious, spiritual, and mundane views emerging more full that before.  I feel that being in the present moment, planning for the future without expectation, and remembering the lessons of the past is how we as a humanity can blossom into the next phase of our evolution.  When I was a child, I felt embraced, loved and accepted by all. I grew in this safety and when I learned about the condition of the world, I fell into depression, sorrow, and doubt.  I fell into the underworld.  There, I searched for the root of suffering, the poison that turned men’s hearts cold and drove the thorn of disconnection deep into our human family.  I found it in the underworld, a place of ethereal beings, subtle energies and emotional power, the root is in our perception of separation.  As soon as humans felt separate, felt cast aside, abandoned, or unworthy, we as a species began to cultivate our own suffering.  To make up for our feeling of separation, we put on a mask of superiority, and became hyper-focused on our creations.  Now, we as a species are hypnotized by our creations and because we felt disconnected and have been causing so much pain to our collective self, we are creating things without integrity and that are essentially destructive.  I don’t believe most of the harmful creations we have made are out of mal intent, rather poor forethought, or ignorance.  There may be some people who are genuinely evil, or malicious, but I do believe the root of their negativity lies in their suffering and disconnection.  Therefore, I believe that we are a collective being, much like the cells on our planet, we too make up a body of experience and that it is our diligent action toward reconnecting and love for ourselves and each other that fosters the next phase of our evolution and that the new humanity is more beautiful than words can express and therefore, more powerful than we can even imagine.  We are waking up, time is changing.  It’s like the hundredth monkey, when there is enough people focusing on integral living, there will be a waves of awakening that will pass through the waters of our being that will transform our suffering into harmony.  I don’t know how long this will take, nor do I fixate on the when, rather I strive with all my heart to live the views I hold and love all that I encounter.  Of course, there are times when my anger, sadness, and fear are stirred up and in those moments, I may loose my centeredness. However, it is not what we do while we are falling that is important, its what we do while we get back up that matters.  I believe we need to forgive.  Forgive ourselves for pain we have caused ourselves and others, forgive the people who have hurt us, and forgive our ancestors who have lead us into the current situation of the world.  It is in the medicine of forgiveness that we can become whole and heal the emotional wounds that humanity has suffered.  We are all one and when we understand and embody this truth, our love and wellness greatly affects the wellness of the whole.

I hope I have answered your questions fully and clearly.  I have answered them in honesty and integrity.  It was a good exercise for me to put in to words, what I feel to be my truth. So, thank you for asking.  If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Enjoy the journey.


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