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Finca Fruicion Update…new members…buildings…essential oils

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Peace and blessings,

Life on the farm is unfolding into ever more beautiful vistas of experience. We have our first official community member aside from Jason, Alana, and the boys. Her name is Desiree, and she is a garden guru and permaculturalist with 10 years experience in Costa Rica. She has spent the last 6 months on the farm with us and has played a crucial role in transforming our farm into a growing paradise. Thank you so much Desiree, you are a gem. She is building her beautiful sustainable casita in a cozy zone, in Athena (the unicorn´s) pasture. This is really exciting for all of us as the power of 3 is being manifest in our community and creating the foundation for the blossoming of our farm and community. Once Desiree´s house is framed and livable we will be offering internships in a variety of focuses, the first one being in natural building and cob. More info will be availble as they unfold.

We also have 3 new members of our community, a mama named Sierra and 2 kids named Viva and Linda. We built a house for them and put up an electric fence to keep them from eating the gardens and killing the fruit trees. Oh, and to clarify, they’re goats. 🙂 Alana has taken on full responibility for these beautiful beings with the help of our volunteers, Mojo and Alethia, as well as our farm hands, Albis and Min. Alana has learned how to milk Sierra, feed the babies from a bottle, deal with health concerns, and maintain their home. She has been a bonified farm mama. We also have 4 chickens and a coop for them, however they are still a bit young for laying eggs. We had more, but our dog Kira killed them 😦 These 4 are the smart survivors of the flock.

The farm has been very quiet over the course of the last month, as the boys, Janga and Baraka, are visiting Alana´s parents in Minnesota and the most of the volunteers have cycled on. We give thanks to their assistance and love that they put into the space here. The next wave of volunteers begins soon with a few lovely couples planning on coming down. The boys return next week on the 31st and will return to a wonderful surprize that Jason and Alana have been designing and building with the help of Albis and Min – a play ground! It is a 2 story play tower actually, soon to be equiped with swings, monkey bars, a slide, climbing walls, and a mini zipline. We will also be setting up a children´s garden and living tipis. We are also planning on a wading pool with a hand or peddle powered pump that feeds water to sprinklers and fountains (all in due time). We thank my grandma and grandpa Bliss for they´re contribution to the farm to make this play park possible.

And last, but surely not least, Jason and Alana are beginning to focus on our Young Living aromatherapy business, down here. Jason is teaching classes in San Isidro and we are going to the market in Uvita with classes following it. We have had wonderful success in the past and want to thank all those who are a part of our Young Living family for they´re support and enthusiasm. We are at a point where our infrastructure budget is used up and we are turning our attention from building structures and gardens to building structures of abundance and health. So far, it has been very fruitful and we know it will continue to provide the funds we need to bring the farm into its full sustainability.

We are building a monthly newsletter, to share the benifits that we are finding in using oils to secure our health in this new tropical environment. So far the results have been noteworthy to say the least. If you are interested in more info, or want to contribute to our farm, while increasing your own heatlh and vitality, please email us a response to this letter, preferably to the address, and we will put you on our Essential Oil Newsletter email list and answer your questions. You can also check out our essentail oil website at Young Living

Thanks for being such luminous beings,
All of us at Finca Fruicion

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