Finca Fruicion Update…new members…buildings…essential oils

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Peace and blessings,

Life on the farm is unfolding into ever more beautiful vistas of experience. We have our first official community member aside from Jason, Alana, and the boys. Her name is Desiree, and she is a garden guru and permaculturalist with 10 years experience in Costa Rica. She has spent the last 6 months on the farm with us and has played a crucial role in transforming our farm into a growing paradise. Thank you so much Desiree, you are a gem. She is building her beautiful sustainable casita in a cozy zone, in Athena (the unicorn´s) pasture. This is really exciting for all of us as the power of 3 is being manifest in our community and creating the foundation for the blossoming of our farm and community. Once Desiree´s house is framed and livable we will be offering internships in a variety of focuses, the first one being in natural building and cob. More info will be availble as they unfold.

We also have 3 new members of our community, a mama named Sierra and 2 kids named Viva and Linda. We built a house for them and put up an electric fence to keep them from eating the gardens and killing the fruit trees. Oh, and to clarify, they’re goats. 🙂 Alana has taken on full responibility for these beautiful beings with the help of our volunteers, Mojo and Alethia, as well as our farm hands, Albis and Min. Alana has learned how to milk Sierra, feed the babies from a bottle, deal with health concerns, and maintain their home. She has been a bonified farm mama. We also have 4 chickens and a coop for them, however they are still a bit young for laying eggs. We had more, but our dog Kira killed them 😦 These 4 are the smart survivors of the flock.

The farm has been very quiet over the course of the last month, as the boys, Janga and Baraka, are visiting Alana´s parents in Minnesota and the most of the volunteers have cycled on. We give thanks to their assistance and love that they put into the space here. The next wave of volunteers begins soon with a few lovely couples planning on coming down. The boys return next week on the 31st and will return to a wonderful surprize that Jason and Alana have been designing and building with the help of Albis and Min – a play ground! It is a 2 story play tower actually, soon to be equiped with swings, monkey bars, a slide, climbing walls, and a mini zipline. We will also be setting up a children´s garden and living tipis. We are also planning on a wading pool with a hand or peddle powered pump that feeds water to sprinklers and fountains (all in due time). We thank my grandma and grandpa Bliss for they´re contribution to the farm to make this play park possible.

And last, but surely not least, Jason and Alana are beginning to focus on our Young Living aromatherapy business, down here. Jason is teaching classes in San Isidro and we are going to the market in Uvita with classes following it. We have had wonderful success in the past and want to thank all those who are a part of our Young Living family for they´re support and enthusiasm. We are at a point where our infrastructure budget is used up and we are turning our attention from building structures and gardens to building structures of abundance and health. So far, it has been very fruitful and we know it will continue to provide the funds we need to bring the farm into its full sustainability.

We are building a monthly newsletter, to share the benifits that we are finding in using oils to secure our health in this new tropical environment. So far the results have been noteworthy to say the least. If you are interested in more info, or want to contribute to our farm, while increasing your own heatlh and vitality, please email us a response to this letter, preferably to the address, and we will put you on our Essential Oil Newsletter email list and answer your questions. You can also check out our essentail oil website at Young Living

Thanks for being such luminous beings,
All of us at Finca Fruicion

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Interested people, spiritual perspectives, and the way of the farm.

Peace and blessings Z,

Thank you for recognizing the journey that I’ve had in regard to death and rebirth.  Don’t worry, I didn’t think that you sounded cold at all, I believe the same thing, that no one ever really dies.  I have a really healthy relationship with death.  I am at peace with it.

We have definitely connected with the community here.  Although, we are not in the Diamonte Valley, we have made many friends there.  We are in a rain shadow and, luckily, haven’t been overwhelmed by the rains quite yet.  Our farm has been such a sanctuary, we often joke that San Isidro is kriptonite, we are drawn to it, yet it can be so draining.  In reality, however, I am thankful for the convenience and benefits the city.  La Feria is such an amazing resource and has the cheapest most diverse organic food I’ve ever seen in Costa Rica.  We are truly blessed to have it here.

Moving on to your questions, I am happy to answer them and grateful you are asking.  I feel clarity is crucial.  Your first question is the financial obligation we have for the farm.  I’m not sure if you are talking about a mortgage or the buy in costs, so I’ll answer both.  As of now, I, Alana, have paid most of the costs for the land and am paying a monthly mortgage on the land.  We are currently paid up until January 2011.  On to the 2nd element of this question, we are asking people to buy shares to build house sites and be voting members in the community.  Let me know if you think this sounds reasonable.  There are 3 different ways we have divided up the shares; casa, casita, and no-residential visitors.  Casa shares are $35,000, the casita shares are $25,000, and th e non-residential shares are $200 each with a minimum of 5 shares purchased.  We have laid it out that the money we receive be broken up into 2 payments, one is for infrastructure and the other for land payments.  If you have any other questions in this regard feel free to ask.

On to your next question, you asked me to describe my spirituality.  I am a very spiritual person. I believe it is the essence of life and that the physical world is just one of the many manifestations of spirit matter that we get to experience as sentient beings.  I have a grounded faith in a being that embodies oneness and is in itself a conscious unification of all that exists.  This being can be called many names and I honor them all.  I feel that humanity has many perceptions of the divine and that each one in its integrity is true.  My favorite metaphor is that human spirituality is like a mountain and each cultural view is a village somewhere on the mountain.  Some are closer to the top, others nearer to the base.  The draw it to journey to the top and overlook the earth all around, gaining a holistic perspective of awareness and the interconnectedness to all life.  Some cultures on this mountain have well maintained trails leading to the top, others have escalators and signs that this is the only way to reach the top, although the escalators only lead to a balcony near the top.  It wouldn’t be appropriate for all the people of the villages to walk all the way around the mountain to reach the escalator just to go up to the top easily, each village can walk up from their starting point and each individual can make their own way, follow trails at times, walking through the forest others, and even going from village to village to learn the perspectives of each.  Some people never reach the top, but travel down the mountain and settle in the valley.  Some people in the valley look at pictures from the view of the top, and others take guided tours.  There is no wrong way, only experience, diversity, and the journey of each being.  When one village tries to force another villages to follow their path, then discord occurs and alters the delicate balance of the whole.  It is, in my opinion, the highest, most important attribute of humanity to cultivate compassion for all others and acceptance for each perspective in life.  I feel that each perception has its own, unique way of experiencing the divine, and therefore each one has something to offer the others.  We are all teachers and we are all students in the great lesson of life.

I have called my view, ecclectitheism, and dove into many different religious, spiritual, and mundane views emerging more full that before.  I feel that being in the present moment, planning for the future without expectation, and remembering the lessons of the past is how we as a humanity can blossom into the next phase of our evolution.  When I was a child, I felt embraced, loved and accepted by all. I grew in this safety and when I learned about the condition of the world, I fell into depression, sorrow, and doubt.  I fell into the underworld.  There, I searched for the root of suffering, the poison that turned men’s hearts cold and drove the thorn of disconnection deep into our human family.  I found it in the underworld, a place of ethereal beings, subtle energies and emotional power, the root is in our perception of separation.  As soon as humans felt separate, felt cast aside, abandoned, or unworthy, we as a species began to cultivate our own suffering.  To make up for our feeling of separation, we put on a mask of superiority, and became hyper-focused on our creations.  Now, we as a species are hypnotized by our creations and because we felt disconnected and have been causing so much pain to our collective self, we are creating things without integrity and that are essentially destructive.  I don’t believe most of the harmful creations we have made are out of mal intent, rather poor forethought, or ignorance.  There may be some people who are genuinely evil, or malicious, but I do believe the root of their negativity lies in their suffering and disconnection.  Therefore, I believe that we are a collective being, much like the cells on our planet, we too make up a body of experience and that it is our diligent action toward reconnecting and love for ourselves and each other that fosters the next phase of our evolution and that the new humanity is more beautiful than words can express and therefore, more powerful than we can even imagine.  We are waking up, time is changing.  It’s like the hundredth monkey, when there is enough people focusing on integral living, there will be a waves of awakening that will pass through the waters of our being that will transform our suffering into harmony.  I don’t know how long this will take, nor do I fixate on the when, rather I strive with all my heart to live the views I hold and love all that I encounter.  Of course, there are times when my anger, sadness, and fear are stirred up and in those moments, I may loose my centeredness. However, it is not what we do while we are falling that is important, its what we do while we get back up that matters.  I believe we need to forgive.  Forgive ourselves for pain we have caused ourselves and others, forgive the people who have hurt us, and forgive our ancestors who have lead us into the current situation of the world.  It is in the medicine of forgiveness that we can become whole and heal the emotional wounds that humanity has suffered.  We are all one and when we understand and embody this truth, our love and wellness greatly affects the wellness of the whole.

I hope I have answered your questions fully and clearly.  I have answered them in honesty and integrity.  It was a good exercise for me to put in to words, what I feel to be my truth. So, thank you for asking.  If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Enjoy the journey.


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Volunteer Oppurtunity for Animal Husbandry

Peace and Blessings,

Finca Fruicion, an intentional community in Costa Rica, is beginning our stewardship with goats and are opening up a volunteer opportunity for someone with experience tending to goats to stay here. We are a permaculture designed, organic farm in the south pacific facing Mount Chirripo National Park. Tasks would include feeding goats, training them for draft work, working their pasture, walking them to their coral at night, milking them when they are lactating, and making cheese, yogurt, and Keefer. The goats are infants right now, so if you arrived soon, it would include bottle feeding them. We also have chickens, dogs, and rabbits for a holistic perspective of animal husbandry. If you are interested feel free to email with any questions and please send us a bio with a few email references. You may also check out our website at or read our blogs at

May your day be inspirational.
Alana and Jason

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A letter of Invitation

July 14, 2010 2 comments

Greetings from Finca Fruición,

As time moves forward at its own pace, here on the farm, I wanted to take a few moments to share a snap shot of our lives. Recently, the software for our website ( has been acting up and we haven’t been able to update our site for the last couple of months.  I hope all is well, and you are feeling fulfilled and happy. Thank you for being such a inspirational person in my life and the lives of my parents.  As you may know, my life’s aims continue to focus on world change and the betterment of our relationship to the environment that we are all part of.  We are living in a time of change, a change of mind and heart.  We have a choice to become that change and inspire a new paradigm of human/earth interactions.  I am writing you because you are already embodying that shift, to some degree, and I want you to know that I appreciate and recognize that about you and your works.  So, thank you.

All that being said, from my heart, I’d love to share some of what’s been happening here at Finca Fruiciόn, in Costa Rica. As you may know we bought a 20-acre mountaintop farm complete with several springs, tons of fruit trees, a talapia pond, a house, and a greenhouse. Since returning from Minnesota, last year, we have been busy setting up the space and getting more plants in the ground, mostly for food. We had our baby, Cedar James Thomas-Bliss, on our brand new (at the time – unfinished) deck in a warm water tub, in the misty light rain of a cloud. The birth was like a dream, so full of intention and grace. Jason held me, anointed Cedar and myself with holy oils, and was so supportive. You may have heard, that Cedar was born with a mild cleft palette, and that has caused him struggle with nursing.  He was loosing allot of weight and we were having to force feed him through squeezing the bottle. Thanks to my dad finding and sending a special bottle to help him along, we are beside ourselves to be able to say that he has since gained weight and is thriving!!

The boys, Janga and Baraka, are also doing very well. They shine here, exploring the earth, helping implement Permaculture designs, planting food, playing, and doing chores. We still watch movies now and again and love the family time of it. Our dog, Kira had her puppies, 7 cute little squeekers, she adopted 2 more putting the puppy population up to 9, however we found good homes for all but 3 little trouble makers. Now we have 4 dogs, Kira, Oso, Arena, and Kita (quite the crew). So we have been training them and have specific jobs set up for them, guarding the tool shed, the house, and the chickens. Do you have any pointers in dog training?

I have been so thrilled to be able to implement the techniques of Permaculture that I learned from my certification classes, internship, and teacher’s class. A woman who has been living here and assisting in setting up the sustainability of the farm, Desiree, has been teaching me so much about the system set up. We have dug swales, which assist in water retention and reduce the need for irrigation, planted the swales with food crops, set up composting toilets, and are designing our long term aquaculture system that consists of several small ponds. A few days ago I found a source for fresh water shrimp!! Our goal is to be as self reliant as possible by 2012.

We have been hosting volunteers here too! So far we have had 13, plus 4 children! Our buses have turned into volunteer housing, and we have been using our palapa-style covered tent space, as well. At the beginning it was a bit awkward trying to organize everyone’s work and meals, but it has become second nature now. Right now, we have a family of 4 (2 kids – one 3 years old and the other newborn), Spencer & Sarah Beth (friends from Minneapolis), Grazyna (a woman from Poland), and Desiree (my Permaculture teacher).   Of course, Jason and I are holding it down with the boys. We have been building a growingly-functional community kitchen and gathering area, however it is pretty ground level right now.  It has a new roof and an old cement floor (it used to be a house), running purified spring water, a big camping stove, and a small fridge. However, most of the volunteers prefer to have their community meals at our house on our stellar deck.  We are envisioning building a education center/bunk house, to be built as an extension off of the existing community kitchen.

Our chicken coop is finished and we have begun filling it with chickens!  We also have a rabbit named Rudy, who is camped just outside our front yard. Yesterday and today, we began clearing space (grass) for the up and coming goat zone and are putting in posts and fencing for them. Oh, and Desiree has a horse who, so far, is the biggest pet I’ve yet met.   Our neighbors who sell the chickens also have a couple of scarlet macaws who fly around and visit us from time to time.

Everything hasn’t been all roses, though, I’m sad to say.  We had a truck of ours ($12,000) stolen and wrecked. Now we have to set up an investigation and possibly prosecute the so-called friend who was responsible for this loss.  In our learning curve, with animal husbandry, we have already lost a few chickens, a rooster, and a couple of bunnies.  We had a break-in, to our tool shed, which cost us a table grinder, and a bag full of Jason’s bus tools.  And the ants keep eating our darn lettuce seeds.  We are fairing most challenges well, but with the pressure of the family and building a significant infrastructure, for hosting others, they have not been easy.  We’ve taken the financial blessings, that have been bestowed upon me by my grandfather, and transformed them, into something that promises true lasting value.   I feel like this is like the moment right before the young bird, who leaps from the nest, opens its wings to fly.  A bit fearful, the bird struggles with it’s balance and may hit a few branches as it ungracefully flaps its wings.  Then as instinct takes over, the bird catches a gust of wind and floats on air, to soar.

So now it’s time to make that investment work for us.  How do we as a family, I as an individual, and us as an intentional community, catch that gust of wind to fly? We have many, many ideas and each one is overflowing with potential. The first, and most simple, is that we have been harvesting fruit, dehydrating it and selling it in town, it is a small token, yet it’s the initiation.   We are planning on using the money from selling my Prius to transform our first veggie oil bus into a kitchen bus and vend food at the market and at events (surf competitions, festivals, farmer’s markets, etc.). We will be selling big salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and other healthy organic goodies. We are also growing food for a local restaurant, and have planted 100’s of bananas to dehydrate and sell. Another element of profit is my fire dancing.  Our friend Sarah Beth has set up many gigs and has a job lined up for us making $100/performer at the end of the month!!  We are also planning workshops here on the farm and mini-festivals that celebrate sustainability and are hands on learning, for the participants.  Another business, that we want to begin, is a bed and breakfast here on the farm. There are many more, though these are the ones we are focusing on now. We are also striving to be as self-sufficient as possible, growing our fruits and veggies, eggs, meat, and dairy.

We are also proactively seeking investors in the farm. Whether that be residential co-creators, non-residential share holders (with specific visiting rights), business investors (ie. Bed and breakfast), or donations to build the education center.  A wise person once told me that, in order to gain support, I needed to know how to ask.  Well, I’ve been doing some soul searching and seeking the answer to that statement. I, fundamentally, don’t want to ask for handouts, rather, I want to offer something in return for donations and support that I receive.   We work hard everyday to create an inspirational and functional space and model of co-habitation with the environment and eachother, that we can offer to share with others.  We are still a ways away from true sustainability. However, what we have right now is a beautiful, integral, and heartfelt farm that resonates these attributes, and the drive and desire to be even better.  So, that being said, I am happy to offer you a piece of our paradise, whether that be shares in the farm itself, investment into one of our cottage industries (such as the bed and breakfast), or a donation toward the education center where you can come and explore the why’s and how’s of our lifestyle here.   If this sounds appealing to you, I formally welcome you to respond so that we can discuss, more specifically, the details of your involvement.

Thanks again for being who you are.  May your life be filled with joy and inspiration.



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An initiation of Farm and Family (Cedar’s Birth)

July 14, 2010 1 comment

There is a power intrinsic in opening the veil between worlds and bringing new life in.  In Spanish the process of birth is called Dar la Luz, which literally means “to give light.” It was this power that filled the farm the night our little angel was born. It was such a magical, intentional experience. I felt that I was birthing with such awareness that it was healing the trauma of humanity’s birthing. It was this ritual of welcoming, that brought to our farm the next level of our life here and the intention of family and community.

My water broke about 20 minutes before the first bird’s call, while our world was still clothed in darkness. I rose out of bed to find rushes of water and energy, and began beaming with excitement of the knowledge that my baby was coming. Though part of me wanted to jump up and ready every thing, I returned to Jason’s side and slept for another few hours. Two days earlier I had woken up with heavy contractions and thought that it was the day of the birth, however, we had been building a deck and were living in a construction zone and that morning was particularly intense. Our roof got torn off and the noise alone caused my labor to stop. We laughed at the cosmic joke as the rains poured into our house, my water hadn’t broken, but the Earth Mother’s did and our surroundings were soaking.

Now my womb water broke and I knew this was the day I was to meet this new little being, eye to eye. When Jason woke up I shared the news with him. He called our midwife, Katia, and banged the gong for the birth crew to come down and prep the space. Our neighbors, Johnny and Sayra, came down in minutes. We made a beautiful filling breakfast, filled the birth tub, and waited for the rushes to get stronger and closer together. Hours past and we laughed, read, and hung out with the kids. The clouds rolled in and it was clear that rain was coming sooner than the baby was, so Jason and Johnny put up tarps to cover the birth tub on the deck. Soon they set up such a cozy sacred space that I wanted to get into the tub and bask in the warmth of it. I had been sitting on the yoga ball spiraling my hips and putting my intentions into some crystals for the tub, Astarius’s “Reiki Chants” album was playing and I felt like an embodiment of the goddess. After putting all the crystals into the water, I took a shower and headed for the tub.

As I stepped into the tub, the sweet sent of the holy anointing oils filled my being and I relaxed deeply into rose, frankincense and a plethora of other aromas. The birthing tub soon became a family experience when Janga and Baraka jumped in. They took to playing and soon my rushes got lighter, so we had them sit in their own tubs next to the big birth tub. Jason got in and the boys rushed in again. He welcomed them, we all cuddled and had a sweet family moment before asking them to go back to their personal tubs. They became bored with the pace of the birth and journeyed inside where they ended up watching a movie while I labored in the water. Janga ran back and forth to check in on the progress and see his new baby brother.  Jason held me, anointed, massaged me, and witnessed my opening. Soon, nightfall was upon us and the rushes were strong. I was getting more and more primal as I released into the sensations and fell into Jason. Opening deeper and wider, I became watery and could feel myself moaning to the sound of the crystal bowls. Hot water came pouring into the tub from the birth crew and Katia checked in on me and the coming baby regularly.

The rain poured down, yet we were protected in our little sanctuary. Soon the sensations turned from intense opening to pushing and I felt an overwhelming urge to push. He was almost out and I could feel him coming down the birth canal. I relaxed deeply into the spaces between the pushes and then with all my strength I pushed in intervals until the little head popped out into Jason’s hands. One more push and he was fully out of my body and in the water. Katia handed him to me and I kissed his sweet head. I sucked a bit on his nose and mouth to clear his airways and was present with him until he was breathing smoothly. Jason and I sang a welcome song to the baby and embraced his life. After I was sure he was safe, I handed him to back to Jason and turned my attention inward to release the placenta. I grabbed a piece of hematite that was in the tub and rubbed it on my womb as I visualized my placenta coming lose and being pushed out with grace. I made a few conscious pushes and then the urge overtook me and the placenta came out with ease. We watched for bleeding, it all looked good. Janga came running out to see his new baby brother and smiled so brightly when he saw him. Jason, the baby, and I hung out in the tub for a while before retiring to the bedroom for the night.

Johnny and Sayra relayed that they had experienced surges of energy as he emerged for his first moments of life. All the farm resonated with the power of this incredible event. Now we are fully here. Now we are linked in an indescribable way to this land and her mystery. We lay witness to the magic of birth, blossom, and fruition throughout the cycles here, and rest in the awe of our interconnectedness with all life on this farm. I give thanks for the safe passage of our birth, the majestic beauty of our farm, and the community that will walk this earth with us as time unfolds. Thank you, Great Spirit for this gift. Axe!!

In service, awe, and gratitude,

Alana Bliss

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